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[Friday - June 4th - 2004 - 10:58am]

yay .so maybe i.ll post it soon, as well as some pictures, sorry that i have been neglecting .
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first time... yu ow me mart :p [Friday - April 30th - 2004 - 12:56am]


this is just a box with the words inside "These four walls closing more everyday"
showing my lack of talent :p

and this is random girl doing random thing

sorry for the lack of quality I a) have no talent and b) took the photos on a webcam... LAME :)
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i.m new, kinda [Wednesday - April 21st - 2004 - 10:53pm]

[ mood | curious ]

okie, i have never posted here before, meaning to, but haven.t had the time nor the energy ... BUT at work, when i get bored, this is what i do, LMAO ... so i hope you enjoy my post it art ... and mind you, about two are NOT WORK FRIENDLY!!!

post it artCollapse )

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Absurd-it [Tuesday - April 20th - 2004 - 11:59pm]

I mixed beer and paint for this. That's all I'll say.
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Spill [Tuesday - April 20th - 2004 - 9:18am]

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My First Post [Wednesday - March 31st - 2004 - 11:21am]


Yay, my infertility reigns supreme.
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Emily [Monday - March 29th - 2004 - 11:48pm]


Yey for Post_It_Art!

This is a girl I drew for my friend k0es. He named her Emily. I pointed out that this name will make her look a lot like Emily The Strange. I don't think he understood. He said he liked the name anyway.

Art! Art! Art! GO ME! I'm awesome!
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[Friday - March 26th - 2004 - 8:28pm]

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Life [Sunday - March 21st - 2004 - 8:42am]


This is a doodle I did the otherday while procrastinating homework. I was just forming random shapes, however my intentions were to portray life in some form. This postit is an example of how our diversities make us unified and that we all fit in life, regardless of shape, size or any appearance factor.
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Elephant [Saturday - March 13th - 2004 - 1:52pm]


This is an origami fold I did yesterday with a post-it note. I thought we could use the image to promote the community as well, so I added some text.
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[Tuesday - March 9th - 2004 - 3:31pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

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something for you... [Tuesday - March 9th - 2004 - 5:27am]
[ mood | creative ]

i made this mini-banner for you guys to promote your community because i like it so much ;)

it's kinda crappy, but whatever... i'll try to post something creative soon. peace
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Post-it Collage [Tuesday - February 24th - 2004 - 6:10pm]

Just a collagey kinda thing with a Ray Ahn picture in the background. Don't rate it cause it don't rate. Well if you think it don't rate then tell me. I think it don't rate. Blah.
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A year of Camel-man. A year of living without drinking. [Sunday - February 22nd - 2004 - 11:12pm]

Camel-man variationsCollapse )

It doesn't really represent anything but I doodled it and thought I'd put it up so there is both ends of the talent spectrum represented. Both bad (me) and good (jake).
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Maintainer Post [Thursday - February 19th - 2004 - 11:01am]

Friggin bleuh gleugh freleugheh! You are all allowed to post your own post-it artworks whenever you like! The rest of the community rating them will score you points on the overall tally. Pleeeeeease post your post-it notes! *indicates frustration*

Make a new individual post and feature one and only one photograph or scan of your post-it artwork. Give a short explaination of the work as well, so we all know what we're looking at. Or don't and we can make hilaious assumptions, the choice is yours.

The Inaugural Little Yellow Art Competiton is still open to all who wish to enter. Just become a member and post your entry as a reply to the competition post. Quite simple, really. First place takes 100 points to the Leaderboard, second takes 50 and third takes 20. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Chop chop!
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Farinelli [Wednesday - February 18th - 2004 - 10:41am]


I painted this yesterday when I was bored. I know it's pretty flat and plain... but it's on a post-it note, so lend me some slack.

It's a picture of Farinelli, the most famous of the Castrati. Read up on him if you want to know more.

To rate my artwork on a scale of 1-10, reply to this post. Remember, be brutal!
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LET THE GAMES BEGIN! [Saturday - February 14th - 2004 - 3:41pm]
It's open people! The first competition theme is:

"Once upon a time..."

Remember to post your entries in the comment page of this post and tell other people about it so we can have some fun.

Good Luck,

Your friendly Maintainers
martbrennan & jakevelocity
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